Understanding the Landscape of Virtual Reality

Organizer: Tech Talent South - Raleigh
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Partnering with Virtual Reality Professionals in the Triangle, Tech Talent South brings you a new landscape in the future of technology:

Virtual Reality is reality.

Join us for drinks and food as Virtual Reality professionals guide us through the forward thinking steps being taken in this industry.

>>Do you imagine an internet where you interact with your environment in a digital and analog style?
>>Do you dream of experiencing life in ways you could only see in a virtual world?
=>This is the time for you to begin your VR journey.

If you have ever heard of Neal Stevenson's 1992 book Snow Crash;
The Metaverse is now.

"We are on the edge of transitioning into a world once only imagined.
It's time to immerse ourselves in the digital reality of our present and future." - E. Adeline (Magic Leap - Augmented Reality Corporation)

Join your fellow Tech Talent South community members for a night of expanded consciousness, as we deep dive into our futures. Collaborate with other talented techies on virtual reality ideas and projects. If you have interests in VR or AR, this is your chance to build the industry and connect in person with others who are doing the same.


.this is just the starting point.

We will be the architects and purveyors of our new Virtual Realities.


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