Automating BareMetal as a Service with OpenStack and Ansible

Organizer: Triangle OpenStack Meetup
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It’s time for a Triangle OpenStack MeetUp reboot!

OpenStack has been mostly recognized by it’s capabilities in abstracting compute in a form of Virtual Machines. Compute Virtualization has also been a main focus for OpenStack contributors for the last 7 years since it's release.
With containerization taking bigger role in DevOps use case, the industry is looking for other areas that could benefit from abstracting Infrastructure. Telcos are going ‘all in’ on Network Function Virtualization running on OpenStack. Enterprises are migrating off the legacy virtualization to more modern private cloud for stateless and stateful workloads.
But is there any need for provisioning baremetal rather than dealing with virtualization and containers? Please come join us to learn about Ironic - OpenStack service responsible for Bare Metal deployment and lifecycle.
We will go over following topics:
- What is Ironic and how it works with OpenStack?
- Advantages and disadvantages of using BM vs VM
- Use cases for Ironic
- Ansible + OpenStack Ironic - automating infrastructure and workload deployment
- Live demo of the real world use case - benchmarking hardware and deploying baby OpenStack for Google perfkit validations.

We hope to see you there!


Poster: triangletech