Introduction to Endpoint Security Today

Organizer: League of Women in Cybersecurity
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We will have a short networking time and an interactive presentation on Endpoint Security

What are endpoints?
Why are they important?
What is endpoint protection?
How do you protect endpoints?

Our speaker, Gina Yacone, is currently the Director of Sales for Braintrace, which is a cybersecurity company.

Gina’s goal is to educate companies about the everchanging cybersecurity landscape and help them build a dynamic cybersecurity environment. She loves to focus on the unique challenges that face today’s companies.

With only 11% of women in InfoSec, Gina has a passion for mentoring young women into getting a STEM education, as well as trying to motivate professional women to come together to support each other in this male dominated field.

Prior to working with Braintrace, Gina worked for over a decade as a licensed private investigator in Tampa, Florida for The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team.

Ms. Yacone received her bachelor degree from the University of Miami.

The Next Level of Endpoint Protection

While many organizations are setting out to upgrade their outdated endpoint security to a Next-Generation Endpoint Security (NGES) solution, companies are faced with an overwhelming list of vendors to choose from – all claiming to be the best answer to today’s security challenges. This session’s aim is to cuts through the noise and offers a better understanding of what Endpoint Protection is and what one company did to test the “leaders” of Gartner’s top endpoint security providers with 100 zero-days. What was their findings? You may be surprised!


Poster: triangletech