Provide Users Access to Self Serve VMs Using OpenNebula and VMware

Organizer: Raleigh System Administrators Meetup
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• What we'll do
Hi Everyone,

This will be our first meet up for the group! We are excited to share our experience with providing our user with faster-stronger-cheaper templated VMs. OpenNebula provides the orchestration for our private clouds. Vmware is the hypervisor.

We will demonstrate using our solution for providing our users templated VMs for sandboxing, testing, and various other activities. The original driver for this project to provide users with clean SAP systems (550 Gb system) for testing. The final solution allowed users to spin up system in 5 minutes versus 45 minutes in AWS, avoid tens of thousands per month in AWS costs, and eliminated a painful manual provisioning/decommissioning of VMs. Today we are running run over 100 VMs at any given time.

• What to bring

• Important to know
This meetup will be held at my work. Please be respectful and maintain a clean-business-casual appearance so we can use this space for future meetups.


Poster: triangletech