April Open Meeting of the AMG: 3D Printing in Burlington 3DPM and Hummingbird

Organizer: The Burlington Makers Meetup Group
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Its time for the April Open Meeting of the Alamance Makers Guild!

This month our special topic/guest speaker is all about the State of the Art in 3D Printing (from FFF to SLA to Carbon Fiber to Metal) AND the state of 3D Printing here in Burlington including the rise of the new 3DPM (3D Printing and Modeling) interest group inside The Alamance Makers Guild and the launch of Hummingbird 3D Printing Solutions, a new Burlington Based 3D Printing Business (with roots in the Makers Guild and STEAM Junction) presented by our speaker Dan Porter.

Dan has made a career as a Mechanical Engineer with a growing specialty in 3D Printing and Modeling. He is a member of the Alamance Makers Guild and STEAM Junction and is the leader of the new AMG 3DPM Interest Group. His career has included working for Autodesk on the Ember SLA 3D Printer and he is now a partner in the new startup Hummingbird 3D Printing Solutions. Dan is also an avid writer of articles for Instructables and has also worked with several local companies and individuals on Design, Mechatronics, 3D Printed, and Micro Controller projects.

Also on the Agenda for April:

* Show-N-Tell (Bring YOUR projects and news!)
{note... Show-N-Tell has always been a backbone of our meetings with folks bringing in their latest projects, inventions, art, and news. Even though we have MORE makers in the Makers Guild AND more access to tools and facilities through STEAM Junction we've had a drop-off in the number of folks bringing in items to share. Lets change that this April, everyone try to bring SOMETHING in to show off! Can be finished, in progress, or just an idea. As always we can also show video, photos, or websites on the big screen... One of the best things about our meetings is seeing all the cool projects going on. Bring YOURS!}

* Membership Drive: Being a dues paying member of the Alamance Makers Guild pays for the expenses of the group but also pays for the costs of Maker Faire Burlington. (our free-to-the-public all-volunteer event supported 100% by Sponsorships) Only $36 a year. Pay up if you aren't up to date!

* News and Updates
* Call for Volunteers - Maker Faire Burlington and Others
* Updates on Future Events
* Reports from Interest Groups

As always, AMG Open Meetings are free, fun, and family friendly. We are open to anyone including teens and accompanied older children. Please share our events (we grow by word of mouth)

For those more interested in 3D Printing the 3DPM group meets at STEAM Junction every other Wednesday evening at 7pm. Check the AMG Facebook page for details.


Poster: triangletech