NoSQL Data Modeling using Couchbase - Brant Burnett

Organizer: Triangle .NET User Group
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NoSQL Data Modeling using Couchbase

Persisting data in NoSQL document databases, such as Couchbase, offers a lot more options and flexibility than relational databases (RDBMS) like SQL Server.
These choices can be daunting at first, and involve trade-offs between
concurrency, consistency, and performance.

The goal of this session will be to demystify NoSQL data modeling techniques for Couchbase. We will cover everything from a basic overview of data types and relationships all the way to how the Domain Driven Design approach to modeling can be applied to Couchbase.

- Modeling Basics
- Modeling for Performance
- Modeling for Concurrency and Consistency
- Choosing the Right Modeling Approach
- Handling Schema Changes
- Domain Driven Modeling with NoSQL


Poster: triangletech