Rod Greco from presents on ML and Medical Imaging!

Organizer: Deep Learning RTP
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Rod Greco (with a demo 'assist' from Miguel Pedroso) of Aquila ( will be presenting on how they use ML to create powerful tools to help radiologists analyze medical images--such as to identify pathologies in lung X-rays, to take one example. A rough outline of the talk is as follows:

- Evolution of Radiology (from film to AI)
- CAD vs ML
- Aquila Overview
- ML Demo

This definitely a must-attend for folks in the medical imaging field! Some further background about the company and principals:

Aquila is an AI startup, based in Raleigh and Portugal, developing Deep Learning algorithms to allow radiologists do what they do best: finding answers/diagnoses. Our value proposition is to provide a second pair of eyes for imaging centers and hospitals, allowing them to perform double reading, without the prohibitive costs of it, and increase accuracy and productivity.

Rodrigo Greco is a strategic thinker dedicated to developing effective strategies to drive growth. He is passionate about transforming disorganized organizations into organized and scalable growth engines. With over 12 years of experience working in large organizations and startups in Brazil and the US, Rod has held multiple roles ranging from engineering, marketing and sales to strategy. He discovered his passion at the intersection of startups, technology, and healthcare. Rod is an entrepreneur and mentor, with expertise in growing businesses. Rod holds a BS in Mechatronics Engineering and an MBA from Kenan-Flagler in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Miguel Pedroso is an experienced Data Scientist and Computer Engineer, with over 5 years of experience in AI, focused on building and deploying machine learning solutions that empower organizations. Miguel is passionate about helping companies to deal with new challenges, and implement AI-powered solutions that makes businesses more efficient, more competitive and more profitable. Miguel has a master's degree in Computer Science.


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