tidytext with Julia Silge

Organizer: R-Ladies RTP
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• What we'll do
In April R-Ladies RTP is hosting Julia Silge, one of the developers of the tidytext package and authors of the Text Mining with R book. Julia will present on tidy text analysis in R.

• What to bring
Laptop with R and RStudio installed. Please also install the following packages:

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "tidytext", "gutenbergr"))

• Location and Parking
Meetup will be held at The Edge Workshop Room (on the first floor of Bostock Library) at Duke University.

We recommend parking at the Bryan Center. See https://parking.duke.edu/parking/visitor/index.php for more information.

• Important to know
All events are intended for women as leaders, mentors, members, and attendees. We are emphatically queer and trans friendly. Men are welcomed to attend as guests.


Poster: triangletech