Leadership Skills that Increase Project Success Rates

Organizer: Agile Leadership Network - Raleigh/Durham Area Chapter
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== What we'll do ==
At the sprint/project level: How often does scope creep find its way into sprints? Are the best and brightest resources lining up to join your projects or are they always busy and tied up working on other projects? The sprint is going well one week and then the next week mass pandemonium breaks loose and nothing you or the team are doing appears to be right... why the change? The team is proud of their results but the customer or decision-maker is not... what happened?

At the PMO Level: The PMO is not producing results or ROI, business leaders and decision makers are not happy, why? The best and brightest people run in the other direction or duck for cover when the PMO project is staffed, why? During this session we will identify the root cause and provide a proven repeatable systematic approach for how to take on and conquer these and related challenges facing today's agile leaders and teams.

== Speaker Bio ==
John Ruppel is a transformation trainer and consultant. For the past two decades John has been a trusted change agent and transformation leader for the world's largest organizations and governments. For training, John is an executive level transformational leadership instructor at NC State University's Division of Continuing and Professional Education. For consulting, John has created TYIIR Institute, LLC which provides training and consulting services to transform your ideas into reality. More about John can be found @ www.johnruppel.com.


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