Dive into UX

Organizer: Learning, Design and Tech Moms Meetup
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• What we'll do
Have you ever felt frustrated when using a digital product and thought "I could do better!" UX advocates for the human experience and enables development teams to create more efficient products tailored to their users.

No experience in tech? No problem. Our Dive into UX Workshop is Designed to provide you with all the resources and tools you need to get started in your UX career.

Moms in search of flexible, meaningful careers are the Tech field’s greatest untapped resource. Discover how UX can offer you competitive pay and flexibility that supports family life.

Our Dive into UX Workshop will focus on: Defining UX and what it means to relentlessly advocate for the human experience when creating a SaaS (software as a service) product

Enabling UX for more efficient development and increasing user satisfaction

Hands on practicing of UX methods and review of common tools

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• What to bring
Pen and paper, laptop, or smart phone.

• Important to know


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