Deploying MySQL on Kubernetes / Openshift (hands-on) + Introduction to Cassandra

Organizer: Triangle MySQL Meetup
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• What we'll do
I will talk about how to deploy MySQL on Kubernetes / Openshift. My use case will be deploying Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) together with MySQL Proxy and implementing read/write split.
If you never used Kubernetes / Openshift or never used PXC / MySQL Proxy - I will do a quick introduction to both.
I will also do a demo and provide ec2 VM for people interested in deploying PXC + ProxySQL yourself.

+ In addition Valerie will do a quick introduction to Cassandra for MySQL DBA

• What to bring
Bring your laptop if you want to try deploying PXC youself

• Important to know
Github repo:


Poster: triangletech