RIoT Accelerator Program Information Session

Organizer: RIoT
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Join Tom Snyder, Executive Director of RIoT, as he discusses the new RIoT Accelerator Program. The RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) facilitates entrepreneurship end-to-end from academic research and education through to rapid commercial growth. RAP increases the impact of traditional accelerator programming by partnering startups with an industry consortium of more than 60 companies across the IoT value chain. Industry seeds the accelerator with market-driven problems they are motivated to solve through entrepreneurial partnerships. Partners provide access to complimentary resources and seed investor capital necessary to launch new products and services to market.

Margaret McNab will join Tom for this session to talk about the relationship between three specific growth-related terms: authenticity, focus and process. Margaret McNab helps companies grow. A marketer by profession and anthropologist by education, Margaret's approach to business growth is decidedly human centered. She develops marketing strategies that help companies work to their unique strengths, amplify culture and attract customers. Margaret has 15 years of experience launching and scaling early stage companies.


Poster: triangletech