Tech Talk: Introduction to Your Alexa

Organizer: Tech Talent South - Raleigh
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Alexa, is designed around your voice. We at Tech Talent South decided to spend a couple of weeks living with Alexa and observing her in her natural environment. When asked what she is, Alexa let us know that her purpose is to "provide information, music, news, weather and more". Join Tech Talent South as we go through some fun tips and tricks to make the most out of your Alexa and Amazon Echo. We'll go over simple fun commands that will have Alexa telling you stories, singing carols, and testing your trivia knowledge. As well as commands that are designed to have you advance the world of Artificial Intelligence with just your voice. Let's enjoy these days with Alexa before she becomes our supreme overlord. Hope to see you there!

Big thank you to Sunny Su from Paradigm Innovation for volunteering to present with us!


Poster: triangletech