Fundamentals - Investing and Quant strategy

Organizer: Quant Investing strategies
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• What we'll do
We are having a great diverse meetup, people with different experiences and skills. Some are fundamental investors, some are already quant traders, some are data analysts who are looking forward to apply their skills into investing. We will be joined by some Duke students who are into data science. So we are going to rush through basics, so everyone can be at similar level. 4 - 5 pm - Introduction and basics of investing and data analysis. We also do not want to bore everyone with just too much theory. So we will be rushing through lot of topics quickly, more importantly we will directly jump into a simple strategy. We will also code the above simple strategy on python (Quantopian) and will backtest it. For some people who are already quants, this might be very basic for their level, so they can skip it or join for our next meet up. 5pm - 6pm - Just hang around, and network with others. We will also talk about our future plans.

• What to bring
If you want to take down notes, bring a note or laptop. We will share our presentation deck through email. Hopefully our blog should be up by Thursday. We will try to publish our notes there.

• Important to know
Please cancel or change your RSVP if your plans change. We have lot of interest, we prefer to have a smaller group so everyone can connect.


Poster: triangletech