John Hill - Pipeline Management in Test Automation

Organizer: Triangle Testing and Automation User Group
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Continuous Delivery models software development as a pipeline: Build, Test, and Deploy. As test automation engineers, it's our responsibility to manage the 'Test' portion of this pipeline to identify change and failure.

In an ideal pipeline, all tests would run on every code commit and give instant feedback to the affected audience. In the real world, this is impractical -- if not impossible. Tests can take hours, test triggers are often scheduled instead of event-driven, and not every change originates from the same codebase.

In this presentation, we'll talk about pipeline development as it relates to test automation engineers. We'll build a test automation pipeline, discuss solutions to common problems, and end with the current state of industry.

John Hill is a Senior Automation Engineer at Ansible. A Triangle native, John has worked for local startups and enterprise organizations as a UI Test Automation Engineer with a focus on Test Automation Architecture. John is passionate about Open Source Software and User Driven Development.


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