Ryan Bedino - Revolution 9: Meaningful and Mindful Test Automation

Organizer: Triangle Testing and Automation User Group
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Revolution 9: Meaningful and Mindful Test Automation
Software Development can be a very messy business! In order to adhere to consistent process, there are often development specific, and more general business-initiated standards to follow which are meant typically intended to express a set of guidelines for conducting one's self as a member of the organization, in one’s specific, professional context. Test Automation has, for some time, existed at a unique (and sometimes uncomfortable) intersection, due in part to our inherent retention of traits of both development and manual testing teams. Developers refer to 'those testers who think they're developers'. Testers talk about 'those fancy SQA people who know how to code'. The intentions, semantics, processes, and standards related to test automation can be difficult to express to either team in a mindful and meaningful way. The confusion that arises can make the software development mess even worse! The challenge of being a translator of sorts, as well as a unique team, is exactly what I am attempting to address in this talk. By presenting a set of 9 Tenets that I feel best expresses a prototype “code of conduct” for the test automation community in general, I will outline a viable, concise, and clearly defined set of principles that will help promote a stronger, transparent, and centralized test automation team. While these principles are primarily meant to apply to test automation professionals and their interactions with development and testing teams, you will find that they can easily and generally apply to anyone and their interactions with other professionals as well. You will leave this talk with the following takeaways:
1. Common misconceptions of, and challenges encountered while being a test automation team member
2. A better understanding of the history and deeper meaning behind the 9 Tenets
3. Solutions, in the context of the 9 Tenets, for integrating better with both development and manual testing teams

Ryan is a passionate SQA Architect and BDD Champion, with over 13 years of navigating the waters of Software Quality Assurance. He has architected and engineered UI, API, and hybridized test harnesses, as well as led efforts in performance and load testing automation, and data management for the automation space. In late 2016, Ryan assumed a position with IBM Watson Health, working as the Test Automation Architect for the (formerly) Merge Healthcare R&D team, working on their eClinical legacy application. He continues to enthusiastically champion exploratory testing practices, collaboration, pairing, and BDD within his work environments. He has experience in Cucumber for Java and Javascript, Selenium, Rspec, Capybara, Serenity BDD, and numerous other software and tools. Ryan is currently working on writing about the many facets of Test Automation. He enjoys spending time with his family, writing, playing and recording music, and producing art.


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