⚡ Lightning Talks - Triangle Drupal meetup ⚡

Organizer: Triangle Drupal Users' Group
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We'll have a few lightning talks for this month's Meetup. Each talk will be a 5-15 minute presentation on a given topic with another 5 minutes of Q&A to conclude. So far, it the tale of two Michaels, with room for one more presenter.

Michael W.
Third-party settings: Hacking core and contrib configuration the easy way in Drupal 8!

Configuration management is now so much easier in Drupal 8. All core and contrib modules now provide configuration entities that can be used to store all of your site's configuration in easy-to-read, easy-to-version-control YAML files. But, what if we want to alter these configuration entities, without having to write our own? For example, if we need to add some extra data to a default field widget, but we don't want to extend the entire core plugin class that controls it. Enter "third-party settings", one of the worst documented features of the D8 configuration management system! Let's learn how to hack core and contrib configuration the right way, with as little effort as possible.

Michael S.
How the Twilio platform can be leveraged by Drupal to support two-way SMS communications.


Poster: triangletech