Coaching Agile Using Lego EV3 Robotics

Organizer: TISQA
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First 30 minutes will be meet and greet and light snacks. At 6:30, our presenter will begin.

In advance of an Agile rebirth at a SaaS company, we experimented with an Agile workshop based on my work as a FLL Lego Robotics Coach and a QA Manager. The goal of the workshop was to apply the concepts of scrum and agile away from the scut work of daily test executions. We provided the following premise.

"You’ve just started a new job as a Software Engineer at Test. The business has built a robot that interacts with Lego Fixtures on the board. The Dev team has built a robot and can help build attachments. It is your job to script the steps for the robot to execute in order to demonstrate the robot works."


Poster: triangletech