Fundamentals SIG - Anonymous Types

Organizer: Triangle .NET User Group
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The topic of this presentation is Anonymous Types in C#. We will discuss:

What exactly is an anonymous type?
How do anonymous types compare to other types in the C# language?
What are the benefits of anonymous types?
What are the limitations of anonymous types?
When should we use anonymous types?

We will look at a dozen different code examples, and learn, step-by-step, how to introduce anonymous types into our code. All of the code examples will be in the PowerPoint, so you do not need to bring a laptop to participate.

If you often create classes in C#, but you have never created an anonymous type, this event is for you!

Presenter: Derick Linkous

(For those of you who were expecting to see "Craftsmanship" in the title of this event, join us on the 28th and I will explain the name change!)


Poster: triangletech