Analytics>Forward Presentation Preparation

Organizer: Research Triangle Analysts
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Whether you're pondering or working on your Analytics Forward presentation or just want to be a better presenter, this is the workshop for you.

Mark Hutchinson is a senior software instructor and three-time (top tier) Analytics Forward presenter. Mark will conduct a train-the-trainer session for the attendees. Mark has conducted several such sessions prior to past Raleigh CodeCamp conferences to help local members ramp up their platform skills.

* Material organization
* Slides management
* Demo and exercise management
* Room and equipment management
* Time management
* Presentation skills
* Assessment
* Expectations management
* Answering questions
* The three important words to remember

Attendees will be given the opportunity to introduce their talk, ask questions, and have their slides/demos reviewed.

What to bring
Presentation materials, laptop if applicable.


Important A>F conference fact:
If you're planning to present at Analytics>Forward (cost $10, includes lunch), you'll want to sign up to attend Analytics>Forward:


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