Tobii Eye Tracking at the American Underground

Organizer: RTP Virtual Reality
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Welcome to 2018! At our first meetup of 2018, we will have John O'Neill from Tobii speaking about eye tracking in VR. He will be presenting a demonstration of eye tracking functionality in the HTC Vive, along with technical discussions around designing and building games and applications that take advantage of the eye position. Coding examples will be shown in Unity, but are general enough to be applied to other game engines.

John O'Neill's development experience spans 20 years in video games, including serious games that utilize gaming technology for non-gaming purposes, as well as traditional entertainment game development on PC, mobile, console, and VR. He has founded multiple videogame and entertainment products companies in the past 10 years, and actively serves as advisor to companies in the core gaming industry as well as those who are exploring opportunities that the industry offers.

As a technical evangelist for Tobii AB, John helps to educate and assisting game developers all around the world with eye tracking design and integration for their PC and VR games.

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