Preparing Your First Conference Talk

Organizer: Women Who Code Raleigh Durham
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Have you ever thought about presenting at a conference? It can seem intimidating, but our tech world needs more new ideas and perspectives. We all learn and are inspired by different things. Whether you have a topic in mind or not, we want you to attend this workshop! We will be brainstorming and sometimes this pushes past our comfort zones. Know that we are here to support you, and we want you to succeed!

• What we'll do

We will work together to write your biography and brainstorm topics in your area of expertise. We will talk about how Calls for Papers work and the structure of a good abstract. Then, we will work on your abstracts. At the end of this workshop, you will have tools to prepare a good conference submission and be ready to submit an abstract to a conference.

• What to bring

Please bring whatever you're most comfortable writing with, whether it's a laptop or paper and pen. Bring a relaxed and open mind. If you have a few ideas already, we'd love for you to bring them! • Important to know

*** Attendees, please be kind to our wonderful hosts, Spreedly, and keep your RSVP correct! We'd also like to avoid wasting food. ***


Poster: triangletech