Blockchain 101 - What every technologist must know

Organizer: All Things Open RTP Meetup
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The March meeting will feature a topic that will impact nearly every facet of life moving forward - Blockchain. We feel everyone should understand and be familiar with it, especially given the number of open source blockchain projects and platforms in existence today. Bottom line, open source is at the very heart of blockchain.

Doors will open at 6:00 pm, programming starts at 6:30 with community announcements. Food and beverages will be served and swag will be available to attendees, as always!

Our speaker is Anna Derbakova (, a Principal Developer at BlueCross BlueShield NC. Prior to that she worked as a Software Engineer on the IBM Blockchain team. She also made notable contributions to Hyperledger Fabric, a blockchain framework implementation and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation. She was responsible for the development and maintenance of the REST API, CLI, and Node.js SDK portions of the code.

The topic - Blockchain 101
Blockchain technology enables the daily exchange of millions of dollars in transactions on the Bitcoin network without a centralized control system. But decentralized currency exchange is only one application of blockchain technology. Blockchain has shown potential to revolutionize how established businesses handle everything from international trade to legal contract automation. However, most technologists have yet to gain a solid foundational understanding of the technology in order to apply it to solutions in their industries. This talk aims at providing a ground level understanding of blockchain and its value proposition to various market segments from finance to insurance and supply chain. Various existing blockchain frameworks will be discussed and contrasted to give the attendees a better understanding of currently available options.

Update - March 14...

We've added a second, shorter session following Anna's Blockchain 101.

The ConsenSys blockchain team will deliver a 10-15 minute session to wrap things up on Enterprise Ethereum (Quorum protocol, Go Ethereum with POA).


Poster: triangletech