Triangle Jenkins Area Meetup

Organizer: Triangle Jenkins Area Meetup
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Optum has graciously offered to host our Meetup for the month of March and contribute two great speaking sessions from Eric Starr and Eric Carboni. This will be a great one to attend. Details below!


6:00 Food, drinks, and catching up
6:45 Using JPaC and Kafka to Generate event-driven DevOps metrics with Eric Starr
7:15 Leveraging an enterprise pipeline library to stand up projects’ CI/CD pipelines faster with Eric Carboni
7:45 Q&A
8:30 Finish

Session I

Eric Starr will demonstrate how you can expose weaknesses in your CI/CD workflows by capturing event-driven metrics along your CI/CD Pipelines.
Eric will use Jenkins Pipeline as Code, Kafka Streaming Service and ElasticSearch during this presentation.

Session II

Eric Carboni will be demonstrating how his team uses Optum’s global pipeline library, as well as how they use GitHub Enterprise and git flow to make the CI/CD process work nicely.
Eric will also be going over Jenkins Blue Ocean and how it visualizes our CI/CD pipelines.

Speaker Bio, Eric Starr

Eric S. has over 21 years experience in IT. His first 12 years was as a Java Web Application Developer. The last 9 years, Eric has taken his development background and applied it in the area of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Today Eric is working for a large healthcare company where he leads an innersource team of Jenkins subject matter experts. This team has created a library of reusable Groovy methods that enable internal development teams to rapidly build out their CI/CD pipelines. This is called Jenkins Pipeline as Code Global Pipeline Library or JPaC GPL.

Eric is on a never-ending journey of learning, applying and then teaching the best practices related to DevOps. There is no better way to learn something than to do it and then teach it.

Speaker Bio, Eric Carboni

Eric C. worked as an intern at Optum in 2016 and joined full time in the summer of 2017. He is currently working on a team to create a catalog to promote API reuse within the organization, as well as creating tools to generate APIs for new teams. Eric has been working with DevOps tools and CI/CD for this team, as well as collaborating with teams across the organization.


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