Code & Coffee

Organizer: Triangle Adult Junior Developers
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Come work alone or collaborate with others. Bring your questions or lend a hand.

This will be occurring twice a month on Mondays.
The location will likely rotate among a list of 3 or 4 different places to give a variety.
The time and date may change based on others' needs. However for the first few times it will be from 17:30 until 8 or 9ish on a Monday, twice a month. Sometimes two Mondays in a row. Sometimes every other Monday. Come or leave at any time.

Contact me here with questions and suggestions; particularly in terms of location, time, and frequency.

• What to bring
Your charged laptop. (It may not be an issue but it's better to be safe by having a full battery.)
A project to work on.
A spare power strip or two. Just in case.

• Important to know
If I think of any I'll edit this section.

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Poster: triangletech