Bookclub! Platform Revolution by Parker, Alstyne, and Choudary

Organizer: Data + Women + Triangle
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• What we'll do
An application of data science is to match producers and consumers. This matching happens on PLATFORMS. One example is AirBnB (the platform) versus a regular hotel (pipeline). The authors discuss the various permutations of platforms, which ones succeeed, or fail. This is not our typical read, but obviously, these platforms are what provide the data we analyze for opportunity. So let's understand them. As usual, completely reading the book is not a requirement for a book club meetup; please come whether you have finished the book or not. May I suggest Chapter 9, "Metrics"?
• What to bring
We will start off with our usual go-around-the room tradition of "what is the best/worst thing that happened/will happen to me in my private/personal life during the last/next month?" That's 8 things, and maybe give them some thought prior to our meeting. P.S. It's always nice to get a visit from the refreshment fairy.

• Important to know
As for any Data + Women + Triangle meeting, attendees have the option of getting listed on the monthly QUICK LIST under any of the following headers:
• looking for an opportunity
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• congratulations on that new job
• points for meeting up on your own
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