Applying Agile - How To Succeed On An Agile Team

Organizer: Women in Tech Allies (RDU/Triad)
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What the heck is Agile anyway? Why is everyone asking me about my t-shirt size? What's with all these cards and post-its? Do we really have to stand up at the "Stand Up"?

I remember as a new developer being unfamiliar with the lingo on my first Agile project.

If you have never worked in an Agile environment before, it can be really weird at first. If you have worked on an Agile team, there is a good chance they are doing it wrong or missing the point. We will go through what Agile really means and the thought process behind it. We will talk about some of the tools and processes teams can use to implement Agile. We will get some fun practice to get level set on what to expect on an Agile team.

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We will have some food & wine & networking.
Feel free to bring a friend.

We encourage a positive learning environment where there is no such thing as a silly question and everyone helps each other.


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