Modern Web February: Flux, Full Stack Dev w JavaScript, NoSQL, Utility first CSS

Organizer: The Triangle Ruby Brigade (Triangle.rb)
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Hi all! Our regular meetup time is shared with the Modern Web Meetup and we’d like to encourage you to attend the Modern Web Quarterly Meetup @ Momentum Learning's new location! It will be a great event with industry-leading experts speaking on technologies such as Flux, Full Stack Dev w/Javascript, NoSQL, and Utility First CSS.

⚠️ Please RSVP on the meetup's page (!

🎩 Modern Web Meetup Details

It's the first Modern Web event of the new year! Partnered with 8+ meetups in the area, we are looking forward to bringing together the JavaScript community in the new year.

Special thanks to Tanium for sponsoring food and drinks at this event! We love the Tanium team!

Co-Hosts: TriangleJS, Angular RTP, GDG Triangle, Triangle React, Triangle Node, Code Craftsmanship Saturdays, Triangle Ember, and more!

Please join us for our first event!


Poster: triangletech