Jump into JavaScript - learn the FUNdamentals

Organizer: Women in Tech Allies (RDU/Triad)
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Javascript is the most used programming language in the world. You really can't do front-end development without knowing it and it is becoming more popular for back-end development too.

We will start at the beginning with the fundamentals. We will cover topics like scope, "this", arrays, objects, prototypes, arrow functions and some changes with ECMAScript 6. Together we can work through some examples, answer some questions and gain new understanding.

We will also highlight some great resources to further your learning and next steps.

• What to bring
Bring a laptop and an open mind. Be sure to meet and network with your fellow Allies too!

• Important to know
We will have some breakfast & coffee.
Feel free to bring a friend.

We encourage a positive learning environment where there is no such thing as a silly question and everyone helps each other.


Poster: triangletech