AI, ML, & IoT: beyond the buzzwords

Organizer: ChickTech: Raleigh-Durham
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Join ChickTech on Wednesday, March 28th, and listen to two expert speakers on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things at Pendo's downtown Raleigh location. Food and drinks provided by Pendo (thanks!). Purchase tickets:

Tickets are $5 with all proceeds going directly to ChickTech: Raleigh-Durham. Topics and speakers:
1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What you need to know to survive (and thrive) in the age of "the algorithm"

By Jamie Jennings

Jamie received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University and has held positions in academia and industry. As a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM, she led the creation of an international technical standard for over the air update of cell phone software, a standard in wide use by the mobile industry today. She has been chief architect for a number of IBM products and has also done protocol design and security engineering work in her 20-year career as a technologist. She invented the Rosie Pattern Language ( In her spare time, she plays ice hockey and writes compilers.

2. Technology tipping points that are enabling a fundamental shift in the economy towards data and connected devices and how this region is capitalizing on the opportunity.

By Tom Snyder

Tom is the Executive Director of RIoT, supporting Internet of Things and disruptive technology industry growth. By day he runs RIoT Labs at HQ Raleigh. In his spare time, Tom co-instructs Product Innovation Lab, a Forbes award winning multi-disciplinary course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NC State. Prior to joining RIoT, Tom held an executive leadership role at the ASSIST Center, a National Science Foundation sponsored effort to create wearable electronics for healthcare monitoring. Previously, he spent two decades in product development and technology incubation in NC. He’s passionate about creating and fostering collaborations across disciplines, markets and cultures. He enjoys the outdoors, woodworking, board games, big crowds, craft beer and ideas that are just crazy enough to work.


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