Code & Coffee

Organizer: Triangle Adult Junior Developers
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Come join me for productive group or solo coding (Hopefully not just chit chat!)
Bring your questions or lend a hand.
This will be occurring twice a month on Mondays.
The location will likely rotate among a list of 3 or 4 different places to give a variety.
The time and date may change based on others' needs. However for the first few times it will be from 17:30 until 8 or 9ish on a Monday, twice a month. Sometimes two Mondays in a row. Sometimes every other Monday. Come or leave at any time.

They have an assortment of food too.

Contact me here with questions and suggestions.

*** I am capping this one off at 10 people because based on experience there might not be enough seats, plugs, etc. Ideally I will not need to cap the number of attendees. This event will evolve to meet our needs however so with each successive code and coffee gathering I'll tweak it to do just that. ***

• What to bring
Your charged laptop. (It's may not be an issue to it's better to be safe by having a full battery.)
A project to work on.

• Important to know
If I think of any I'll edit this section.


Poster: triangletech