This.JavaScript: Framework Edition LIVE

Organizer: Modern Web (Triangle)
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Join representatives from Modern Frameworks and Libraries at our upcoming This.JavaScript Livestream on Thursday 2/22 @ 12pm EST!

This is your chance to ask questions, and hear a 10 minutes "state of" from each framework and library.

Featured Speakers :

Angular - Igor Minar, Angular Core Team
RxJS - Ben Lesh, Author RxJS 5.5+
Ember - Ricardo Mendes, Ember Core Team
VueJS - Evan You, Author, VueJS
React - Michael Jackson, Author, React Router
Node.js - Franziska Hinkelmann, Node.js Technical Steering Committee Member
Polymer - Justin Fagnani, Polymer Core Team Member
Rachel Nabors - Special Invited Expert
Tracy Lee - Google Developer Expert & Co-Founder, This Dot Labs

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We look forward to seeing you online!


Poster: triangletech