Electronic RECYCLE DRIVE - All Welcome – February 1, 2018

Organizer: Raleigh ISSA - Education, Technology, & InfoSec Meetup
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• What we'll do
Electronic RECYCLE DRIVE - All Welcome –February 1, 2018, 5-6 pm
located at RTP headquarters, Davis Drive. Durham NC, 27703

Goal of the Recycle Drive
Collect, refurbish and award computers to students and families without a computer in their home. Inspire students to succeed by teaching them critical computer software and Internet skills. Recycle and reuse donated computers and parts; extending their lives and reducing e-waste

Items we accept for donation
Desktop computers: any age/make/condition
Laptop computers: any age/make/condition
LCD monitors: any age/make/condition
Peripherals: mice, keyboards, hard drives, RAM, flash drives, power cords, VGA cables, etc.
Tablets: any age/make/condition
Any Apple® products
Consumer Electronics

Items we do not accept
CRT Monitors
Stereo Speakers
Household Appliances
Lamps or Bulbs

• What to bring
Desktops, Laptops, LCD Monitors, Peripherals, Tablets, Apple Products, Cellphones

• Important to know
We do not accept CRT Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Shredders, Stereo Speakers, Household Appliances, Lamps or bulbs


Poster: triangletech