Servers? Where we're going, we don't need Servers.

Organizer: Raleigh Blockchain Developers Meetup
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James Wilson, who is a mobile and cloud developer, as well as a founding member of our Group, has graciously agreed to present at out first meetup. The topic promises to be extremely engaging, as James will go over the software architecture & design issues relevant to Decentralized Applications (dApps).

With blockchains, many functions traditionally associated with a centralized server may be subsumed by the blockchain, especially when they offer distributed computing functionality by executing smart contracts. James will cover how it all works, including drawbacks, alternatives, and concrete examples supported by Ethereum. Please join us, and also please RSVP early, as space may be limited.

• What to bring
Open mind and questioning attitude.

• Important to know
I am aiming for a location that is convenient to RTP. The exact venue will be set later when we have a good read on how many people will attend. Currently limited to 30, but I'll expand that based on the level of interest. Please join the waiting list if it comes to that.


Poster: triangletech