Internet Privacy & Security Workshop $10 - Reduce Damage from Massive Hacks

Organizer: Raleigh ISSA - Education, Technology, & InfoSec Meetup
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• What we'll do
Are you doing enough to protect yourself online and keep your personal info safe? What can you do today to reduce the damage of massive hacks of companies like Equifax, Yahoo, Target, and Home Depot? This class will help you increase your Internet security and privacy savvy. In clear, practical language, we'll cover essential topics, explain the jargon and technical terms, and provide "next steps" you can take immediately. The class will cover:

Avoiding Scams and Hoaxes
Using Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software effectively
Online Account Security
Beyond Passwords: Two-Factor Authentication and Biometrics
Preventing Hacking
Keeping your Computer and Phone Secure
Securing your Internet Connection Away from Home
Responding to Recent Threats In the News
You'll receive a take-home Tips Sheet with 10 action items that will improve your online security and privacy.

The class will be led by Marshall Burkes, Technology Education Manager at Kramden Institute.

• What to bring
Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge

• Important to know
Scholarships are available to cover the class fee. Please email [masked] to request financial assistance.

Ages 16+


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