Learn and hack together at Dulce Cafe and Gelato!

Organizer: Triangle Computer Vision and Image Processing Group
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• What we'll do
We will study basic concepts in Computer Vision and Image Processing. I will discuss what I am learning in the Udacity course I am taking and hopefully others will share too! More specifically, I will prepare notes on basic concepts in filtering and convolution, and move quickly into edge detection, and the theory and practice behind doing that quickly and well, for different sorts of use cases. 'Stretch goal': Get to the Hough ("huff") transform and start discussing about that. It should be a fun, productive night, with all of us knowing a nice bit more about CVIP by the end of the evening than when we started. I will probably start discussing my slides at 6:00 PM. Other members are welcome to bring in materials they want to discuss, we'll pass the HDMI cable around as needed!

Self-driving cars welcome! :) This will also be a great night to talk about and work on CVIP projects.

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Poster: triangletech