Full Stack Development with JavaScript and NoSQL

Organizer: Couchbase RTP Meetup - Research Triangle Park
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We're coming to RTP! To kick off the Couchbase meetup community in RTP, we're speaking at the Modern Web February meetup and we'd love to meet you if you can attend. This would be a great opportunity to meet people, introduce you to Aaron and others from Couchbase and for you to hear more about Couchbase and any other questions you have.

Full Stack Development with JavaScript and NoSQL
Speaker: Aaron Benton, Solutions Architect, Couchbase

In a typical scenario, full stack applications are very modular, where every component can be changed independently from the rest of the application. The backend and frontend technologies can be totally different. However, what if they did not have to be?

In this session, we’re going to explore full stack development where each component is based on JavaScript and why keeping the technologies the same is a good thing. Then we’re going to see where NoSQL fits in and why it works so seamless with JavaScript.

Main Event page : https://www.meetup.com/trianglemodernweb/events/246419998/


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