Beginning of the year Linux topics and group discussion

Organizer: Triad Linux Users Group
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• What we'll do
This meetup we will be going over the latest in the Linux world and get some ideas for topics to discuss for the upcoming year. Please bring ideas and suggestions for the group so we can keep the group going strong. Here are some suggestions so far that we can discuss during this time for a future meetup. What can you do with a Raspberry pi and IOT and some examples of controlling things in the real World.
Ethical Hacking and understanding what the tools the good guys and the bad guys use in the Linux world.
Gaming on Linux. What games are available on Linux and what you need to get started.

• What to bring
Bring a laptop with your favorite distro installed if you want to follow along. We can also set aside time to help each other out with any linux questions or issues you may have.

• Important to know


Poster: triangletech