Modern Web February: Flux, Full Stack Dev w JavaScript, NoSQL, Utility first CSS

Organizer: Triangle ReactJS
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It's the first Modern Web event of the new year! Partnered with 8+ meetups in the area, we are looking forward to bringing together the JavaScript community in the new year.

Special thanks to Tanium for sponsoring food and drinks at this event! We love the Tanium team!

Co-Hosts: TriangleJS, Angular RTP, GDG Triangle, Triangle React, Triangle Node, Code Craftsmanship Saturdays, Triangle Ember, and more!

Please join us for our first event!

Featured Talks:

Why the Flux?! Resolving to really understand state management in 2018
Speaker: Rob Ocel, Senior Software Engineer, PointSource, a Globant company

Description: Front-end state management (primarily in the form of Flux-like patterns) had a breakout year in 2017. Redux, MobX, Vuex, ngrx/store, and others took almost every major framework by storm. Because it was “the right thing to do,” everyone from junior to senior developers started using these libraries and writing lots of boilerplate, oftentimes ahead of really understanding why the libraries were developed in the first place and what they do for us that is so cool.

The goal of this talk is to shine a light on the problems that led to the Flux pattern being developed in the first place, so we gain an intuitive understanding of how to do state management in a way that solves those problems. If developers can think in terms of problems and solutions, instead of libraries and syntax, then we’ll write better tests and fewer bugs, develop and design with more confidence, and help our coworkers understand these approaches better as well.

Full Stack Development with JavaScript and NoSQL
Speaker: Aaron Benton, Solutions Architect, Couchbase

In a typical scenario, full stack applications are very modular, where every component can be changed independently from the rest of the application. The backend and frontend technologies can be totally different. However, what if they did not have to be?

In this session, we’re going to explore full stack development where each component is based on JavaScript and why keeping the technologies the same is a good thing. Then we’re going to see where NoSQL fits in and why it works so seamless with JavaScript.

Utility First CSS - A Lightweight, Scalable Solution
Speaker: Jake Dohm, Web Developer

In this session we'll talk about what Utility (or functional) CSS is, its common benefits and pitfalls, and address some common questions and concerns, like:
- What about "separation of concerns"?
- How is Utility CSS any different from inline styles?
- Does the Utility First mindset hold up at a larger scale?
- Does it have a positive or adverse effect on performance?

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