A Beginner's Guide To Plan Guides

Organizer: Triangle SQL Server User Group
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Even with the increased simplicity of plan forcing using Query Data Store in SQL Server 2016 and above, plan guides remain a very powerful but often overlooked feature of SQL server. There is a misconception in the community that plan guides are really only useful for situations where the DBA "cannot change the code" but actually plan guides have much broader applicability than simply fixing problems with poorly designed ISV code. However, for the DBA, working with plan guides can often be a confusing and frustrating experience. In this session we will cover what plan guides are, how they work and demonstrate scenarios where they can be successfully used to solve a number of problems DBAs experience on a day to day basis.


Brian Carrig is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and manages a team of talented DBAs at leading e-commerce cloud solutions provider ChannelAdvisor. In a previous life, Brian spent some time as an academic and holds a PhD in Computer Science. He is a native of Dublin, Ireland but now lives with his wife and two daughters in Cary, North Carolina. If he is not talking about, thinking about or working with SQL Server you will usually find him watching Chelsea FC.

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