Go Ahead, Make a Mess w/Sandi Metz

Organizer: The Triangle Ruby Brigade (Triangle.rb)
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Hi everyone! Kick off the new year with your favorite group of rubyists!

= Talk, Go Ahead, Make a Mess =

Software is always a mess. You can't avoid this mess, and if hubris goads you into attempting to achieve perfection, you'll just make things worse. Perfection is a distant, dim land on the unreachable horizon. You'll not be going there today.

What you _can_ do, however, is use the techniques of object-oriented design (OOD) to make your messes manageable. OOD is good at messes. It understands their origins, predicts their courses, and foresees their outcomes. It shines a light down the dusty nooks and crannies of your app, showing you what to do and what to avoid.

This talk shows you how to use OOD to create the best kinds of messes, those that let you get software out the door today without regretting your actions tomorrow.

= Speaker, Sandi Metz =

Hi, I'm Sandi and I'm a programmer.

I'm also a teacher, author and sometime consultant, but I teach, write and consult about programming so it all starts here.

In the past 30+ years I have written innumerable applications, a surprising number of which are still running today. Dealing with long lived applications has left me deeply biased towards creating practical solutions that produce working software that is easy to change.

I believe in simplicity. I strive for simple code and straightforward explanations, and while I won't claim I always succeed, my work is improved by the humble attempt. The fact that yesterday's ideas seem imperfect today gives me confidence that I'm still learning; it's a great pleasure to share this knowledge with you.


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