Agile Coaches Breakfast, Friday JAN 5

Organizer: Agile Leadership Network - Raleigh/Durham Area Chapter
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• What we'll do
Hello Everyone!

We're inviting all Coaches, Scrum Masters and other Agilists to come and meet together for breakfast. Our goal is to help teams, organizations and ourselves to think and behave in Agile ways.

This month, we're going to do a "personal coaching manifesto" exercise. It's a "1-4-all", three step process with the first one being each individual writes down their own coaching manifesto. An example might be "I value asking and listening over directing and telling". The next step is to work with a small group and come up with your top 2-3. Then, all the small groups share with the larger group where we'll all vote on the top 3-4. At the end of the day, our Agile Coaches Breakfast group will have developed a group "coaching manifesto". I recently tried this with a group and it turned out better than anticipated. I'll bring some sticky notes, markers/pens and some flip chart paper but if anyone has a tripod for flip charts, that would be great. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Poster: triangletech