Documentation Testing at Elasticsearch - NOVICE to ADVANCED

Organizer: Triangle DevOps
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From the Speaker:
"I want to tell you the story of how Elasticsearch came to automatically test its documentation as part of its build. It is a story many years in the making with many actors. It is a story of compromises and baby steps. It is a mundane story of regexes, duct tape, and bubble gum but it is also an important story of great empathy. Above all, it is a story that I'm proud of and one that I hope inspires you too to test your documentation as part of your build. I don't come bearing a solution. No magic bullet, no technical implementation. At best, just inspiration. You wouldn't want our regexes anyway. But if we can do it, you too can test your documentation."

About the Speaker:
Nik Everett works for Elastic as a full time contributor to Elasticsearch and Elastic's commercial Elasticsearch plugins. He lives in Raleigh and mostly works from his basement.


Poster: triangletech