DevOps on AWS with Docker, ECS and Lambda

Organizer: Triangle AWS (Amazon Web Services) Meetup
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LifeOmic, Morrisville, NC


* Session 1 - Immutable builds and secure deployments with ECS, Docker, and Lambda

At LifeOmic we leverage multiple sandboxed AWS accounts for creating isolated environments (dev, test, production, etc). We have developed an automated build, change management, and deployment process for deploying software to these environments that requires minimal human intervention.

As a healthcare software company, LifeOmic must ensure that deploys are secure and automated while still adhering to a change management process. In this talk, we will discuss our CI/CD process and how we uniquely leverage Docker images to encapsulate all of the logic for a deploy. As part of our builds, we produce a deployment Docker image (among other artifacts) that we launch at deploy time in the target environment using ECS (EC2 Container Service). Even though our runtime microservices are serverless and built with AWS Lambda, we still use Docker as a way to orchestrate the deployment process. The deployment base docker image has tools such as aws-cli, terraform, and custom scripts to make deploying software reliable and reproducible.

** Session 2 - TBD
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Sudhanshu Thakur
Coordinator, Triangle AWS Meetup


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