Triangle Jenkins Area Meetup

Organizer: Triangle Jenkins Area Meetup
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Join us for an evening of networking, collaboration and discussion at the CloudBees office in Raleigh! Learn how to take Jenkins to the next level with two informative sessions, followed by Q&A.


6:00 Food, drinks, and catching up

6:45 DIY EC2 by Alex Gray

7:15 Measuring Jenkins with DevOptics by Bhavani Rao

7:45 Q&A with Alex and Bhavani

8:30 Finish

Session Information


Using a Jenkins job consisting of a python script and a groovy script, you can trigger events when a build is in the Jenkins build queue.  For example, when something gets put on the build queue, you can trigger the creation of AWS Instances to create a slave and execute the build. It is a DIY replacement for the EC2 plugin, which some customizable added benefits.


Alex Gray ( has been the "Jenkins Master" for various companies for the last 6 years. Before moving to North Carolina from Boston, he and his family took a year off to scratch some things off of their bucket lists (canoeing in the North West Territories, backpacking across Thailand, living in France, just to name a few). He now has a 4-year-old who loves camping as much as he does.

Bhavani Rao’s first job out of college was as a mainframe programmer in Chicago. Since then, he has taken a detour with roles in manufacturing, telecommunications and entrepreneurship before coming back to the light with marketing roles in the software industry. He is currently a senior product marketing manager at CloudBees, where he helps organizations adopt and realize benefits from continuous delivery solutions.


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