Book Club! The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis

Organizer: Data + Women + Triangle
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Be sure to ask Santa for your copy of Michael Lewis' The Undoing Project. Or better yet, go ahead an get a copy, because usually it takes some time to get through a Michael Lewis book. HOWEVER, completely reading the book is not a requirement for a book club meetup; please come whether you have finished the book or not. 


As for any Data + Women + Triangle meeting, attendees have the option of getting listed on the monthly QUICK LIST (which is distributed to our 250+ members) under any of the following headers:

• looking for an opportunity

• have an opportunity

• congratulations on that new job or certification

• have new public content

• points for meeting up on your own

• really looking for a partner for a presentation someday

• earnest pleas from members to other members


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