Enterprise Data Science at Scale

Organizer: Future of Data: Triangle (Raleigh-Durham)
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Data science, new forms of data, and open source technology has brought the promise of doing data science at scale to enterprises. However, this also comes with challenges for data scientists to continuously learn, collaborate, and deploy models. Data Scientists have many tools at their disposal such as notebooks like Juypter and Apache Zeppelin & IDEs such as RStudio with languages like R, Python, Scala and frameworks like Apache Spark. Given all the choices how do you best collaborate to build your model and then work through the development lifecycle to deploy it from test into production?

In this meetup we'll cover the attributes of a modern data science platform that empowers data scientists to build models using all the data in their data lake and foster continuous learning and collaboration. We will show a demo of Apache Zeppelin, Apache Spark, Apache Livy and Apache Hadoop with the focus on integration, security and model deployment and management.

I'll spend most of the time walking through a machine learning demo, while also allowing for open discussion and questions through the meetup.

Thanks to Tek Systems for allowing us to meet up at their facilities, and also for providing Pizza / Drinks! 


Dan Zaratsian, Hortonworks Solutions Engineer


Poster: triangletech