Let's come up with a Manifesto for Modern Cybersecurity

Organizer: ZeroTrust
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I believe the way we approach security desperately needs a change.  Similar to the Agile Manifesto, I am calling on the members of this group to join me to come up with a Manifesto for Modern Cybersecurity.  

Please feel free to invite other like-minded security professionals, hackers, and engineers/developers to join our discussion. 

Here's what I propose and would like to finalize with the group as version 1 of the manifesto. 

We believe that modern cybersecurity means: 

• We should assume compromise, but no single point of compromise. 

• You cannot protect what you can’t see. 

• There is power in the crowd; two is stronger than one. 

• Automation is key because people are the weakest link. 

• Build products that are secure by design and by default.

• Security should be simple, open, collaborative and rewarding.


Poster: triangletech