Bi-Monthly Meeting of the 3D Printing/Modeling Interest Group

Organizer: The Burlington Makers Meetup Group
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Interested in 3D Printing and all that comes with it? (3D Modeling, 3D Design, 3D Printers and Hardware, Software, Slicers, Materials and more) Then check out our new Interest Group for 3D Printing and Modeling!

Join us for the second meeting of the Alamance Makers Guild's newest interest group... the AMG 3DPM (3D Printing and Modeling).

This second meeting is free and open to everyone (future meetings will be free and open to dues-paying Alamance Makers Guild members and their Guests). As with all AMG Interest groups, this group is accessible to anyone interested in this topic from folks who have never seen a 3D Printer in person but want to learn all the way through professional 3D Designers and Mechanical Engineers. Teens and accompanied older children are also welcome. This group is lead by Dan Porter who has an extensive background in 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, and Design. This is the group's second meeting so folks still have the chance to help define what this group will be about going forward.

In general folks coming to this group will talk about 3D Printing hardware, software, design challenges, modeling, kits, repair of printers, learning about software, etc. Feel free to bring your portable 3D Printer to the meeting. As with all AMG Meetings, always feel free to bring something for Show-N-Tell. For this group it can be something you've designed or 3D Printed, a kit 3D Printer, etc. On the Agenda for this meeting:
* Following up on the first meeting
* Setting a schedule for future meetings
* Show-n-Tell... bring your 3D prints and models to show off
* Get-Help... bring your questions and even your 3D printer to get help or fix problems.
* Discussion of the 3D Printing Project for the 2018 Maker Faire Burlington Event... a partnership with the Helping Hand Project to build parts for prosthetic hands.
* Discussion of other group printing projects.

STEAM Junction has multiple 3D Printers for their members and is also a registered dealer for Maker Shaper 3D Filament. At some meetings STEAM Junction 3D Printers and other equipment may be available for use by AMG 3DPM members. Please RSVP for this meeting, Please "Like" it, and Please Share! Help us connect to anyone interested in 3D Printing and Modeling in the area!


Poster: triangletech