Q1 2018 Raleigh IAM User Group Meeting

Organizer: Raleigh Identity and Access Management User Group
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Building on the success of our last get together, let's keep the momentum going and get ready for the next meeting!

Please join us for food, drinks and technical content. Networking, best practices and an open exchange of ideas between IAM professionals is the only agenda. Come prepared to discuss ideas and find out best practices from some of the leaders in the IAM community.

After introductory networking, the agenda for the meeting will include speakers:

Christopher Lavergne, Director - Consulting, U.S. Federal, CGI, speaking onĀ "Identity Management following Mergers, Acquisitions, and IT Centralization". The discussion will focus on bringing identities together from multiple sources and the associated IAM challenges. There will also be a look at the case of a particular federal agency and how they addressed the challenge of unifying the identity data from multiple federal components that had previously been operating independently.

Please recommend this event to your IAM friends and colleagues!


Poster: triangletech